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Longsword Competitions - In small German towns, even when they were no longer relevant longsword competitions continued to be held.

and the hagane (edge steel).|Honsanmai Gitae (Ben San Mei Duan E) uses three types steel: the hagane

This is an excerpt from what he said on the SOG Blog:
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as well as newer terms still being used today. Here are some examples:

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It's probably a surprise that the 710 ranks so low (even though it's been around for 20 years). Benchmade's McHenry and Williams model is often viewed as the flagship model. It's easy to see why. It was not only the first Benchmade knife to feature the AXIS locking system, but it is also one of best EDC knives available.

The term ""ceremonial"" or ""religious"" swords is usually used. They can be identified by their leaf-shaped blades and sometimes decorative patterns.

The Katana sheath offers more than just a place to store the Katana. The sheath contains six parts that are very useful.

or ninja cane.