Majowy Wyjazd Edukacyjny do Londynu

Majowy Wyjazd Edukacyjny do Londynu

FOREWORD (by Klaudia Mydlarz)

From May 21 till May 25, 2023, students of classes 1d, 1e, 1f, 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e, 2f, 2g and 3c took part in an educational trip to London under Mrs. Aleksandra Bielawska, Mrs. Beata Fałdrowicz, Mr. Andrzej Ryczkiewicz and Mr. Janusz Słodczyk's care, and Mr. Michał as a guide at the helm. During the trip, students spent time getting to know English culture and visiting the most beautiful places in London. Here's what some of the participants say about the experience:


DAY 1 (by Marlena Pal)


We started the trip from the Greenwich District and the Royal Observatory, where we had a chance to stand in the place where the 0° meridian runs. From this place we also watched the panorama of London stretching below. From there, in search of Nelson's ship, we went to the National Maritime Museum, where we followed his fate. Then we cruised up the Thames to reach Tower Bridge. The next point of the program was seeing the Crown Jewels, which we could admire in The Tower of London – one of the best preserved medieval castles. We ended the day with a leisurely walk in a nearby park.

DAY 2 (by Paulina Bieś & Oliwia Michalec)


The second day started in a great way – we took a glance at the London Eye, which is a unique showcase of the city. Next we went to admire the most famous building in London, i.e. the Palace of Westminster with its beautiful Elizabeth Tower and its clock, called Big Ben. Next we walked down the famous Whitehall street to Trafalgar Square, where we saw Nelson's Column. Afterwards we visited the National Gallery, where we could admire some famous paintings, like Van Gogh's Sunflowers, Caravaggio's Supper at Emmaus and Leonardo Da Vinci's The Virgin of the Rocks. After that we had some free time in Soho and Chinatown. The last point for the day was Buckingham Palace, which is the official London residence of British monarchs. We ended the day in the nearby Royal Park, where we had a chance to relax surrounded by beautiful nature.

 DAY 3 (by Julia Rus)


We started the third day by taking a peek at the tallest building in London – The Shard. Then we went straight to London Bridge. The next destination of our trip was Tower Bridge. We had a chance to cross it and admire the view. After that we explored the City of London, where all the tallest buildings are located. Then we visited the British Museum, where we could take a look at various works of culture. Afterwards we had some free time to explore on our own. The Science Museum and the Natural History Museum were among many options we could choose from. We ended the day by having the iconic fish&chips at a local pub.

DAY 4 (by Zuzanna Kleszcz)


The fourth day started with a visit to KEW Gardens, where we had classes about evolution of plants and animals. What's more, we got some time to explore the area by ourselves. After that we went to Madame Tussauds Museum, where we had a lot of fun seeing numerous figures of actors, singers, characters from movies and other famous people. In the evening we watched Agatha Christie's play The Mousetrap – we had a chance to check if we like British humour. We ended the day with a late evening walk to admire a magnificent view from the River Thames.

DAY 5 (by Kaja Mydlarz)


Having packed our bags and eaten breakfast, we took an hour-long bus ride to Windsor, the royal family's home-town, where we learned more about their history and how Queen Elizabeth II was crowned. After exploring Windsor, we got back on the bus and headed straight to Oxford, where local guides showed us around and taught us about its interesting history. After walking around Oxford, we went straight to the airport.

AFTERWORD (by Klaudia Mydlarz)


We would like to wholeheartedly thank the professors for their reliable care, the guide for a wonderful tour of the city, and all the participants for the unique atmosphere. We hope to have more educational trips like this one :)

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